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Small group Northern Light tour with hot Icelandic chocolate and cinnamon buns

Certified Operator     Tour Operator: Reykjavik Outventure     4 hours     Travel method: Mini Bus / Car     Region: Capital Region

    • See the Northern Lights dance in the Sky
    • Have home made hot chocolate
    • Taste the best cinnamon buns in Iceland
    • See the Northern Lights in a small group with an experienced guide
    • Do not miss out in this one!

    On this romantic trip we will head out of the City to a location somewhere away from light pollution from human beings. The lights are best enjoyed in pitch black. That´s where you really get to enjoy their spectacular beauty and mysterious dance across the night sky. It is never the same, the dance is always different. It´s a reminder that everything is fleeting, nothing is constant, everything is in motion and the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis don´t dance by request. They dance when they decide to dance.
    This is a tour that is only available during the winter months as in the summer the almost 24 hours of daylight ruins the possibility of seeing them, although they are always there.
    Nevertheless we make the absolute best of every tour. Your guide will offer you information and great insight into the Icelandic culture, nature, history and the Icelandic people who in some inexplainable way make this nation of only 340.000 inhabitants seem like a cosmopolitan nation of millions. At the location witch is always a different one from night to night as we rely on the meteorologists to tell us where the highest probability of seeing the lights each time, you will get delicious pastries. You will also get a cup of steaming hot chocolate just like every Icelandic grandmother used to serve on special occasions, like Christmas or Easter.
    Probability for seeing the lights is always fair and we cancel tours where there is little chance of catching them. But when you experience them...
    You know that it was worth it.  

    What happens if I don´t see any lights?
    If you will miss the Northern Lights, you can come again for free while you are staying in Iceland. If you can not make it, you can use your ticket next time you visit Iceland. 

    Best price guarantee
    No hidden costs
    Difficulty: Easy

    What is included

    Pick up & drop off


    Hot chocolate

    Important information

    Warm clothes


    There is a possibility you don´t get to see Northern Lights.

    But you can of course use your ticket to come again any time you want.

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